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How the Kryptonizer works

Protect your online safety
with the Kryptonizer

When it comes to your digital presence online, you can’t be too careful with your passwords. Yet, many people are still using simple passwords that, with today’s technology, professional cybercriminals have very little difficulty breaking. More worryingly, 55% of people use the same password for all the sites they visit. And when you consider that 40% say they’ve had a password hacked in the last year, those are frightening statistics.

But managing all the passwords for your bank accounts, online billing and favourite websites can be a real headache. Which is why it’s good to know that the Kryptonizer has been created to make managing and securing your passwords easy.

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A great promotional idea
for your business…

At a time when online security and cybercrime is in the headlines more than ever, what everyone is looking for is easy way to create super-strength passwords for their online accounts and websites. The good news is that now there is. It’s called the Kryptonizer and it keeps hackers away from personal data so you can surf the Internet with real peace of mind.

Not only is the Kryptonizer an ingenious, but simple, way to manage your passwords, it costs very little to manufacture, so it also makes the ideal promotional item for your next marketing campaign.

…that also helps tackle cybercrime

Because the Kryptonizer comes as a key fob, it’s easily attached to a set of keys, so it’s always close at hand providing secure access to passwords and offering its owner a new level of security in the digital world.

Of course, there’s still space available for you to get your branding and marketing message across. Which is what we can help you with here at Partridge Peartree.

The Kryptonizer has already proven its worth, picking up the European Promotional Gift Award in 2016 for ‘best giveaway’. At Partridge Peartree, we know a winning promotional item when we see it, which is why we’ve secured the exclusive rights to the Kryptonizer

Good to know…

Every Kryptonizer is unique and, comes as a key fob, so it’s always handy. It might be simple to use but it makes it very difficult for hackers to get your passwords. Here’s what it can do:

  1. It’s a handy learning tool for complex passwords.
  2. It creates highly cryptic passwords from simpler words, making them virtually impossible to crack.
  3. It increases the security of all your passwords by adding numbers and special characters.

And it’s incredibly simply to use. Each Kryptonizer is fitted with a unique translator code, so no two devices will produce the same password.

As you can see, it’s a tool that anyone who spends time online would find very useful. And now you can give it to your customers and business partners as a promotional gift, as part of a marketing campaign or simply a giveaway to reward custom. Just tell us how you’d like to personalise the Kryptonizer with your branding or sales message.

Let your customer take you with them – wherever they go.